Thanks, Richard

This section is dedicated to Dick, the previous "handy man" and/or owner of my house. Dick could be one person or two, a property management company, or, judging by his work, a 12 year old boy. Who knows? All I know is that his DIY work has caused me a bit of frustration over the 2 years I've had this place and hopefully people can learn something from his wrong doings.

And now... presenting... Dick's Handy Work:

Accessible Electrical Junction

Yep, Dick definitely made this junction accessible. All I had to do was remove the wallpaper and break through the drywall to find it! Easy. Thanks, Dick.

Improper Plumbing Connection

Dick thought it'd be a good idea to attach a Fernco coupling to the SHOULDER of an old cast iron pipe. You will never get a good seal from the shoulder of a pipe! Don't do this!!!

The shoulder isn't a smooth, controlled surface and even if it was and the coupling did seal properly the water just sits around the smaller diameter pipe and causes this to happen: 

Not only does it leak and smell really bad but it rots the base of your cabinet and the sub floor below it. Thanks, Dick. Try doing this next time please...

Window Air Seal

You may be wondering how you go about sealing a window with air. Well, Dick does, you don't.

See that daylight? You're not supposed to so next time, Dick, please use caulk and low expansion spray foam.

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