This section is mainly for my own sanity. This house has become my baby - I love it but can't wait for it to turn 18 and move out. And like any child you raise, you don't really notice it growing and maturing until you come home one day and see the awkward mustache on its face and realize it's growing up. Well, I want to see the progress of my house before it grows a mustache so I'll be posting random pictures here showing the baby steps...

In The Womb
Here's what she looked like before she was born into my hands and after.


2 Months Old
Paint! The whole house was white white white so paint was first on the late night agenda. I also slowing started painting the trim black.

Tube TVs are coming back!

3 Months
Double pane window installation was the first big expense. Did this asap so I could qualify for the tax rebate. This was something I really didn't trust myself installing. Maybe now, but definitely not with the experience level I was at during the time of installation.


The existing trim was all colonial which I can't wait to rid the house of so I had the window guy do Craftsman style casing on the windows as I'll eventually be redoing the entire house in this style.

4 Months
More paint!! Another accent wall and more black trim. Black and white will never go out of style.

4 Months
HD TV Frame and end cap installed

5 Months
Details. New windows turn black and along with some other trim - some Craftsman, some still Colonial.



As you can see I commissioned a piece from world renowned artist, A. Brothers, to put in that frame.


Starting to feel a little more like home...

I'd like to say this was a picture the day after I moved in but it was probably more like a couple months...

So after painting the kitchen door way trim and meticulously positioning those 5 pictures, I decided I needed to do this:

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