Monday, July 9, 2012

Bosch Dishwasher Review

I bought this dishwasher mainly because it was the only unit I could find that would fit under my 21.5" deep kitchen counter top and wasn't $1,000+. Also, I'd read good things about Bosch units and they're pretty sexy looking (yeah, dishwashers can be sexy). In all honesty, I'm ecstatic to go from no dishwasher to this one but for the price it could be better. If you don't have room for a full size unit, just buy a Bosch - you don't really have any other options except for super expensive slim models you'd probably have to import. It's not bad but it's not fantastic. If it were less expensive I'd say it was good for the price but Bosch products are no where near cheap and the build quality definitely doesn't reflect the price.

  • Cleans dishes pretty well without precleaning.
  • Claims it requires a rinse aid but mine ran out a long time ago and I haven't noticed water spots.
  • True 22.5" depth (front of door to back of unit) means it will fit under shallow cabinets.
  • Sexy looking. 
  • Fairly quiet. For the price though I honestly thought it'd be quieter.
  • Poor rack layouts. Top rack fits cups easily enough but the bottom rack is nearly useless for anything other than plates or small slim bowls. Works fine for just me but if you're a couple or family you'll be running a load every night and having to get pretty creative to fit everything in.
  • Long cycle times due to its environmentally efficient nature.
  • Much more expensive than it should be. 
  • Cheap feeling. The whole unit is made of plastic. The door doesn't have a release latch of any sort, it just pulls open. It does seal fine but sounds like something's breaking when you open it.
Works well but has a terrible bottom rack layout. If you have shallow cabinets Bosch is really your only option but if you have standard 25" deep cabinets, buy something cheaper.


  1. I am in the process of buying Dick's most recent house - so thanks for posting this, as I have a dishwasher that was installed hanging out several inches from the custom (22" knotty pine) countertop. Couldn't be uglier! This will make all the difference.

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  3. I was very excited to come across this post, but I think this unit is not available anymore :(

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